Team Bahrain McLAREN renews its partnership with Reboots Recovery Boots

Team Bahrain McLaren is pleased to announce the extension of its partnership with Reboots Recovery Boots.

The innovative device - that massages the legs to improve their recovery - actively prevents unwanted symptoms after hard physical exercises, such as muscle tension, DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and swelling. The result is a noticeably shortened recovery phase, and during this period away from racing, they are proving to be even more useful.

“Reboots can be used as usual during this period. There is no difference whether you train indoors or outdoors”, explains Reboots CEO Tom Keller, adding some useful tips “After the training the riders can use the same recovery programme, duration and pressure they are used to. As they might have a bit more spare time at home these weeks, they can also use their Reboots to relax. Therefore, they can use any programme they like. My suggestion? Choose the programme that is most convenient for you. Use it at low pressure (maximum of level 3 for Reboots Go, 90mmH for Reboots One) for 30 minutes. Put your mobile phone and laptop aside, close your eyes and enjoy the gentle Reboots massage!”

Athletes that already used this system during the past season were very impressed with the results: fresher legs, faster recovery, immediate regeneration and they appreciated how easy the product is to handle.

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