Team Bahrain McLAREN launches ‘Train As One’ program.

Giving fans access to cycling based strengthening and mobility sessions, plus nutrition advice from the team’s experts.

On Friday, May 22nd Team Bahrain McLaren will launch #TrainAsOne, a training program for cyclists and hosted by the team’s experts alongside riders.

The first series, hosted by Team Bahrain McLaren’s lead physiotherapist Alice Rawlinson, will show participants a series of strengthening and mobility exercises that will benefit riders at all levels. Each of the live sessions will also feature a training buddy - one of the team’s riders. Additionally, fans will receive tips on nutrition from the team’s dietitian Laura Martinelli. 

“Due to the current circumstances, more and more people are riding bikes to stay fit and healthy, which is great news for the sport. The ‘Train As One’ program is all about helping cyclists get the most out of their time on the bike by giving them insight into the off-bike training we do with our pro riders”. Says Alice Rawlinson, Lead Physiotherapist at Team Bahrain McLaren.

The idea for the program came about from feedback received by staff members who are benefiting from the team’s weekly internal ‘virtual’ training session.

The program starts on May 22nd and consists of two 30-minute sessions a week. To participate, visit Team Bahrain McLaren’s Instagram Live channel at 5 p.m. CET every Monday and Friday from 22nd May until 15th June.

For those who can’t make the live sessions, they can watch them later on Team Bahrain McLaren’s IGTV and Facebook page.

An overview of that participants will learn: 

Strengthening and Mobility:

Alice Rawlinson, the team’s lead physiotherapist, has designed an exercise program for cyclists covering all the critical areas, including core control, hip and shoulder strength, and increasing flexibility to name just a few.


Laura Martinelli, the team’s dietitian with experience of more than 6 years, will cover topics including recovery, managing weight, improving immune system efficiency, hydration during training, and coping with mental fatigue, together with our team’s food partners: Fructal, Polo Ristorazione, So.Group, Dalla Costa, Bristot, SiS.

This program is one of several initiatives that aim to give fans opportunities to get closer to the people who make up Team Bahrain McLaren and be inspired by the sport we love.

For further details, please contact Mateja Kos: [email protected]

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