Bahrain Cycling Festival

Manama, 1st February –

Team Bahrain McLaren has created the Bahrain Cycling Academy (BCA) as part of our commitment to developing young riders in the Kingdom. From the off, BCA will have multiple objectives, however, the primary goal is to develop cycling in Bahrain. The BCA consists of 10 riders; seven Bahraini, three Spanish and one rider each from Morocco, Denmark and Azerbaijan. Our long-term goal is to nurture their talent and pave the way for the first Bahraini rider to take part in the World Tour as part of Team Bahrain McLaren.

BCA will be taking part in several races across Europe and Asia this year but will also focus on promoting cycling, and it’s health benefits for Bahrain. So to launch the team, we’ve teamed up with Cycling Safe Bahrain (CSB) to organize the Bahrain Cycling Festival. CSB is committed to creating a safer environment for cyclists on the roads. This initiative has been backed by both government and public organizations, who recognize the value and impact this can have for Bahrain. We know that with these foundations in place, it won’t be long till we hit our long-term objective of having our first Bahraini at the World Tour. The festival gathered all groups, organizations and businesses related to cycling in Bahrain. Today the festival ended with an organized public ride that BCA and Team Bahrain McLaren riders led. Over 200 local residents came to ride around Manama, Seef, Muharraq and Bahrain Bay and they were happy to meet the team.

A press conference was held after the ride where local media and guests listened to three BCA riders talk about the future of cycling in Bahrain. Mark Cavendish also spoke at the conference about the road ahead with Team Bahrain McLaren: ā€œIā€™m really fortunate to be the part of this team, and I think this team will be the best team on the planet.ā€

Photo credits : Matt Wardle



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