The Bahrain McLaren Pro Cycling Team continues to be equipped with the perfect array of Merida bikes for the upcoming 2020 season, providing the ideal machine for every stage and every riding style.


The team bikes of the BAHRAIN McLAREN Pro Cycling Team will show up with an eye catching new colour design respecting the heritage of McLaren and its famous “papaya”-orange. Red and blue elements respect the national colours of the Bahrain kingdom. 

After a testing period in 2019 where the BAHRAIN MERIDA Team was racing on rim-brakes and disc-brakes side by side, the BAHRAIN McLAREN racers will completely race on discs in 2020 – except at time-trials. 

Some significant drop at the weight by touching lots of areas for weight saving moves the Scultura Disc team-bikes exactly down to the UCI 6,8 weight limit and leaves no more space for criticism.

To give the riders detailed and accurate information about their performance, the team swapped the latest generation of power-meters to the Shimano Dura Ace 9100 series. Shimano provides as well all functional components of heir 9150 DuraAce Di2 series including electronic actuated shifting and hydraulic disc-brakes.

With regards to wheels, the BAHRAIN McLaren Pro Cycling Team trusts in the latest generation of VISION’s superb METRON SL Disc wheel series, which were further improved in terms of rim-shape and carbon structure. The METRON SL 40 Disc tubular wheels are the ultimate all-rounder, with an amazing weight of less than 1,25kg per set and a perfect balance of low weight, high stiffness and suitable aerodynamic.

Sprinters and breakaway racers will focus on the METRON SL 55 Disc with a more deep-section rim-profile, offering an improved aero-performance and slightly higher stiffness at full-gas sprinting, while steering might get a bit more demanding during heavy crosswinds. All wheels used by the team are hand build and trued at Italy, they spin on low resistance ceramic bearings

In terms of tyres, the BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team uses Continental Competition Pro ALX LTD 25mm handmade tubulars. These tyres are known for their perfect synthesis of ultimate grip, superfast rolling and high puncture resistance. In special conditions such as races on cobbles, the team considers to give tubeless system a try.

FSA and Vision will supply the cockpits and seat-posts. After an intense testing period, a significant part of the team-roster has decided to select the one-piece Vision METRON stem/handlebar combos, which offers superior aerodynamic performance and improve stiffness during sprints.

The team’s climbers will choose the FSA K-Force cockpits for their incredible light weight and stiffness. VISION is as well the supplying partner for the 1-piece METRON TT cockpits and offers specific, 3D shaped extensions for the team leaders. 

Saddles are supplied by PROLOGO – all with carbon rails and carbon shells; riders can select in between the PAS system (with central hole) and closed shell, and if they prefer to use PROLOGO’s unique CPC anti-friction system; even the brand-new Scratch M5 saddle will be provided, a compact saddle that offers a higher level of comfort and great weight of just 140 grams.



Our test and award-winning aero bike – the REACTO is a leading bikes in its class. The press does not just highly praise our REACTO for being one of the most comfortable, responsive and aerodynamically efficient bikes, but it is also a main bikes of Team Bahrain McLaren for a wide range of race profiles. Equipped with the latest in disc brake technology, the team will benefit from extra braking power and perfect modulation on today’s demanding courses.



Our lightweight racer is at the cutting edge of design, powering our World-Tour team to Grand Tour podiums. While having a limited aerodynamically disadvantage in comparison to the REACTO, the SCULTURA combines class-leading comfort, with whippet-like acceleration and stage winning climbing pedigree. The SCULTURA DISC frame tops the scale at just 830 g in size 54 cm and offers impressive tyre clearance allowing tyres of up to 28 mm to be run. It is also equipped with the latest disc brake technology, for perfect modulation and improved braking power.



Newly designed and launched in the 2dn part of the 2018 season, the TIME WARP TT has seen dramatic improvements over its predecessor. Due to a new integrated carbon cockpit, full cable integration, aerodynamic brake housing and further frame design tweaks, the R&D team was able to reduce the aerodynamic drag by 9 Watts. Besides that, the overall weight was reduced by 400 g, which has a significant impact on demanding and undulating time trial courses. Totally focussed on aerodynamic performance, no other MERIDA road bike has spent more time in the wind tunnel. Developed with our professional riders to use in the time trial stages of the World Tour, the frame is designed around ‘NACA Fastback’ tube profiles. Pro riders may be similar in terms of ability and fitness, but their shape and riding style varies dramatically. A key feature on the TIME WARP TT is a modular cockpit which gives the rider the ability to adjust the aero position depending on personal preferences and race conditions.



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